never a baby

jan Ball

She dips three fingers into cappuccino
foam and inserts them into her puppy’s
mouth as she cuddles him in a white
towel against her shoulder the way you
hold a baby just out of the bath but I
don’t like comparisons between
this runty dog and my children
even though Poofie squirms less
and only whimpers when my friend
takes the towel away and puts him
on the floor at her feet beaming
as proudly as any mother. Finally,
acknowledging me across the table,
she says, “He likes to be wrapped
in a towel.” Five years ago it was
a rabbit, now this dog, never a baby.


jan Ball has work either featured or forthcoming in Atlanta Review, Calyx,
Connecticut Review, Mid-American Review, Nimrod, Verse Wisconsin, Chiron Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine The Great American Poetry Show, Sanskrit, THE STORYTELLER, U. S. 1
Worksheets, Westview, and Willow Review. When she is not writing poetry, teaching ESL, working
with her personal trainer, going to book group or traveling, she and her husband like to
to cook for friends

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