Three Poems

Irene Koronas

death smells

arrows direct tucks in
hand sewn books hand made paper
the applique cut along extreme edge

middle line crease folds again
many times dividing lines

applied with glue
hard cover poetry books
we die for the pungent smell

raving about high dot ending

madmen in overalls speaking about politics
food and fasting, molecules and atoms
always tricky dots below

what is it about chickens in peaking order
waiting to get heads chopped off
we kill and eat. okay. I get that

i’m rock solid with fishing
place me along river bank
let my body decay flow across sky

madmen in overalls talking about change
the only change I know jingles in their pockets.
period. semi-colon. ending

in saying

she says the spiritual is more dangerous than the political
she says when she thinks spiritual she thinks about capacity
I tend to compare beads flat glass beads. flat blue on beads.
he says he went everywhere because he was nowhere
he says prophets are into justice and kindness
if one strays from justice one is not godly
he says, continuous writing is a kind of devotion.
all this sounds okay when they say we say his sayings
after all the said is said without saying anything.
she says there is no writing without being yourself
she says if something is true you will find it everywhere
where is everywhere other than being nowhere
truth is immutable sweet sayings said slightly seemly slang
he says visualizing the same thing day in day out
trying to get it. he says the poem is just what it is
I mean you mean we mean he means
they mean them those there that mean
there’s nothing dark about rose petals in an envelope


Irene Koronas is the poetry editor for Wilderness House Literary Review. She has three full length books, Portraits Drawn from Many, Ibbetson Street Press; Pentakomo Cyprus, Cervena Barva Press; and Turtle Grass; Muddy River Books. She has numerous chapbooks. She reviews poetry books for Cervena Barva Press.

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