Three Poems

Eric Allen Yankee

Alpacas vs Horses

-based on “Prompts” by Bill Yarrow

Bed swallows my tongue every night,
Writes me a silent Bildungsroman
Where I become an Alpaca farmer

At the end,

In the beginning,

And the middle.

I should become a horse
And gallop away
from all this monotony.

Instead, I’m all tied up
in the barn.
Roped up
by a pretty little philly
Who waves the scissors
at my nose.

Cheap Razors

Low cost
Hair removal
For your discount

You have to use
A new razor
On each side
Of your face.

A third razor
Removes the fear
Of thinking you’ll burn
And bleed.

Now you can go out
Into the world
As a smooth operating
Budget man.

The robots are coming

These narcotic dreams are abstinent of life

We tell ourselves
As we clutch at civilizations final

Corduroy hours.
Technology will be our crucifier

Or the one who leads us

To an ascension

Like Joan of Arc,

The heavenly mother

Of rebellion.


Eric Allen Yankee’s poems have appeared in Crab Fat magazine, The People’s Tribune, CC+D, and Sweet Wolverine. He is a member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade of Chicago and the editor of Caravel Literary Arts Journal:

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