Two Poems

PJ Carmichael

Earth #00

The rainbow puddles are just

pools of water hosting

miniature oil spills.


The Earth is dying.

I am watching the Earth die.

I am helping the Earth die.


Fading fertility signals

the impending apocalypse,

the end of all beginnings,

the natural downfall of civilization.


Life is beautiful

(and sustained

by the consumption

of natural resources).


Our mother asphyxiates

on the fumes of monetary gain.


The First Time

Like yesterday.

The olive canvas, adorned in
sweat, welcomed nervous lips,
eager flesh, youthful experience
in a messy bedroom.

(It was quintessential romance.)

Our eyes locked
(how time passes)
as we ventured into
unknown pleasures.
The window was just
low enough for me to climb
up to.

In the morning,
she drove me home
as the sun rose over
the houses and hearts
of an unsuspecting populace.


PJ Carmichael is a writer, philosopher, dreamer, spiritualist, and angst-ridden existentialist from Wakefield, Massachusetts. He enjoys the exploration of the natural world and the documentation of the New England landscape. His favorite season is Autumn, and he edits the literary/arts zine High Tension.

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