Nikki Anne Schmutz

I will walk
on bloody feet,
if I must.
I would rather
my ghost
drag my dead
across the
finish line…
than you
push me
in a direction
I do not choose.

I will be victorious,
despite you.


Nikki Anne Schmutz is the author of Open Soul Window, In Speaking of… A Poetic Journey From Dark to Light, and Found, a novel. She is a published poet and novelist, produced screenwriter, freelance poetry editor, and advocate against sexual violence. She has been an editor-in-chief of a magazine, poetry editor for a literary website, and has recited poetry for a podcast. She currently reads poetry on her YouTube Channel, Perfectly Written Pictures. She lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. You can follow her work on her website http://www.alittlefireleaping.com

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