Elly & Jack

Barry Basden

May 3rd, 1943

Dearest all,

How is everyone by now? I’m still doing all the good. We are in San Antonio for about two weeks. We are planning on going to New Orleans but of course you can’t ever tell. We spent 3 days in Mexico fishing. Saw the bullfight and rode in the Streamline Taxi, a horse drawn sirey. Jack sure has been showing me around, places I never thought I’d see. Wish you all could have made them.

He just worked two days last week. The doctor told him he didn’t have but six months to live when he left Corpus and you know that won’t be too long. I still can’t believe it. He says I’m all he wants so I’ll do my best. Anything he wants to do, I’ll be there. Don’t know why I’m telling you all this. I didn’t intend to.

Mary, how is work at the plant coming on? Tell Wanda to hold off on vacation till we get settled someplace. We go all the time.

Had a letter from home said Billy might be going across and Jimmy has an overseas address. Hate to see that happen. In case you have to get in touch with me we are staying at 12th St Tourist Court. I don’t know the telephone, probably have to be by message. Don’t write me for I’m thinking we will move in a day or two.

Did you get my check? Be sure and cash it. Keep the money there. I’ve still got plenty to drink. You should see my Bar. We are leaving here Wednesday nite. I don’t know where, maybe the valley, Brownsville I think. I’ll write you.

Give little Bobby a kiss for me. Ask him if he still loves me.


Barry Basden lives in the Texas hill country. The world makes him Wince, which is the title of his latest collection of flash. He may have another, one related to war, out this year.

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