Three Poems

John Grey


the word is out
that when you slip
into your lover’s arms

it makes him feel as if
somebody sexier has just left –

that is you in a nutshell –

as is the way you talk on and on
about how much you hate
that sweat all over your body

when you really should be
sighing and moaning –

thanks to his loud mouth,
cruel jokes abound –

some reward for all those fake orgasms –



She flared
at the slightest provocation

and scorched from
skin to sand
to rooftop

watched as the real air melted
and the flames took over –

she seared the newspapers
peeled the walls
buckled the floors
baked the earth –

she was hell on earth
for the right sort of devil



An eel peers out
from underwater rock crevice –
a leopard looks down
from its leafy green tree blind –
a hawk soars high above
hilly, rocky terrain –
all are waiting to pounce
on an unsuspecting creature –
here comes fish, antelope, field mouse
start your engines.


John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in New Plains Review, South Carolina Review, Gargoyle and Silkworm work upcoming in Big Muddy Review, Main Street Rag and Spoon River Poetry Review.

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