2 thoughts on “Issue 10

  1. This is a group of questions, not a comment. I hope you’re in the market for questions.

    1) Are you still in business?
    2) Are you now accepting submissions? If not, when will you be?
    3) What are your submission guidelines?

    I see that you’re listed on Duotrope, but I don’t find any information on your website about the submission process.

    1. Hi Kyle. Thank you for your inquiry. The Miscreant is currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis. To submit, please send your work in the body of an email, along with a short bio, to themiscreantmag@gmail.com. Please do not send more than five poems or fiction pieces per submission. Poems should not be longer than 20 lines. Fiction should not exceed 500 words. Simultaneous submissions are allowed as long as the editor is notified when work is accepted elsewhere.


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