Two Poems

Billy Cancel

advance man came back irredeemably faded
he said     my soda vigil at     piss scent post was
subject to     much repetition     i noted dark
objects     that suddenly moved     reddish
mice     emitting snort-bark combo    reddish
mice     stitched ‘n’ stretched until i went
code pink     funny as a box of
worms         casual transient she could     do it all     pilot
celestial     electronic     dead reckoning     distorted
but     not a ripped curl before cut
water     with semi-automatic smile     of a
dislocate     she was often seen amongst     back scatter
sea bed crap
     so keep a bright look out
tenderfoot         this is all reflected in their territorial
markers     personal bubbles     unvarnished
harmony     quote our     intuition tells us what
color where     how much     pretty fast though
& not     particular about
what we


sirloin this is shin talking     as sure as
reshuffle proceeds grid collapse     symmetrical
floral patterns circle these days of jaundice     disclaimer
not all moonshine is worth the elbow grease
1st year more or less like a box supposed
to fit into itself but went like a bad shave
2nd year onwards was all about trying to
levitate a plastic cup     would rather waste
energy surveying mouse damage at the bottom
of the sack     than hear another classic vanish
call me you say &
hand me your card with
contact details for
some 24 hour armed
response unit i realize
though you seem to float you’re
tethered in fact to

Billy Cancel has recently appeared in Blazevox, Gobbet & West Wind Review. His latest body of work PSYCHO’CLOCK is out on Hidden House Press. Billy Cancel is 1/2 of the noise/pop duo Tidal Channel. Sound poems, visual shorts and other aberrations can be found at 

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