Three Poems

PJ Carmichael

Hope (Less Romantic)

it is the you in i
(and the i in you)
that moves me
writes word about thought
lips across breasts
clothing unnecessarily chosen
for souls to touch souls

lovemaking our way
into the realm of spirits
into the youth of night
into (un)known pleasures

and the weight of a new world

canvas of flesh
cliché of the moment:
our children are sleeping
deep within us

the slow, gradual tender-
ness of



Talk of:

the slow season
consistent people
country clubs
fine dining
running of mouths
hoarse throats

punk rock
cheap beer
cute girls
record labels

paying rent
poets and writers.


No Title

(Next stop:)

We write the articles

of clothing onto and off of

aiming, striving,
for the connection,
the click of compatible
the stars and black holes
attract those left
fluttering aimlessly
towards burning light
and lack

cryptic abstractions,
remains viewed as artifacts,
the midday sustenance:
are we going?


PJ Carmichael is a writer, philosopher, dreamer, spiritualist, and angst-ridden existentialist from Wakefield, Massachusetts. He enjoys the exploration of the natural world and the documentation of the New England landscape. His favorite season is Autumn, and he edits the literary/arts zine High Tension.

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