Review: The Snow Dead

Marc Zegans

The Snow Dead is an unconventional, title-less book of poems that work in tandem to weave together love and loss as it is depicted through the metaphor of snow. Lines like “They leave their offerings” throws you in the heat of the moment, knowing not agency but place. This is the strongest work possible given its clever interweaving of theme, place, loss and heartache. I very much recommend The Snow Dead. At 23 poems, it is both expansive and clever. A win all around for Marc Zegans.


Marc Zegans is a poet and creative development advisor. He is the author of six collections of poems, The Snow Dead, The Underwater Typewriter, Boys in the Woods, Pillow Talk, The Book of Clouds, and La Commedia Sotterranea: Swizzle Felt’s First Folio form the Typewriter Underground; two spoken word albums Night Work, and Marker and Parker, and the immersive theatrical productions Mum and Shaw, and The Typewriter Underground. The Snow Dead debuted theatrically in Erotic Eclectic’s “Sin-aesthetic” at the Lost Church during San Francisco’s 2019 Lit Crawl. Marc lives by the coast in Northern California. His poetry can be found at, and he can be reached for creative advisory services at