All Along The Watchtower

Mark Young

Two minutes ago I
answered a knock
on the door to find
I’m Harry & this is Bill
standing there in their
outback hats & boots

& moleskin trousers.
Wanting to share some
special information with
me. Looking old enough
to have witnessed Jehovah
the first time around.


Mark Young’s most recent books are Mineral Terpsichore, from gradient books of Finland, & The Chorus of the Sphinxes, from Moria Books in Chicago. An e-book, The Holy Sonnets unDonne, came out earlier this year from Red Ceilings Press; another, a few geographies, will be out later this year from One Sentence Poems; & another, For the Witches of Romania, is scheduled for publication by Beard of Bees.

Three Poems

Mark Young

A line from Auguste Rodin

I’m not a rash person, fearless-
ly accepting all exterior truth
even if some of the evidence is
displayed only on refrigerators;

but we pride ourselves on our
customer service, feature a full
hot breakfast or delicious pizza
with diecast aluminum housing,

to be enjoyed on a casual & cozy
outdoor patio that is far too
narrow for real growth. To me,
only a small difference exists

between a rental villa over-
looking the Indian Ocean & a
thin coat of stucco applied
over Marxist economic theory.


justifiable taco

Rewriting the blueprint doesn’t
always work. Big Data can be
a little messy but a cocktail will
balance out the calories. There’s
just no reason for a grown ass man
to use the acronym LMBO unless
he’s attracted by the arguments
of outsider, populist, politicians.


A cry; an appeal; a call.

Yclept is one
of a number

of words that
frustrate me in

that I never get
an opportunity

to use them.
Take this poem

then as an
act of onanism.


Mark Young’s most recent books are Bandicoot habitat & lithic typology, both from gradient books of Finland. An e-book, The Holy Sonnets unDonne has just come out from Red Ceilings Press, & another e-book, For the Witches of Romania, is due out from Beard of Bees.