Three Poems

Matt Dennison


I ran away because my
parents told me that
I needed to do better
in school and I wanted
people to know exactly
what I wanted to do
with my life. I wanted
to be a professional
wrestler and I wanted
them to know that
my life was out of their
hands. I ran away to
make them miss me, and
when they did,
I was the one to
determine whether they
saw me or not.


He takes a back hand
and he grabs the rope
praying that he’ll
get a few minutes rest.
He gets that rest,
and it’s exactly at
that moment that he
pokes his opponent in
the eye.


He dreams of the day
he touches her. His
eyes only ever look
at her and he thinks
about the day he gets
to touch her and hold
her and he dreams
of the day she’ll be
his and he dreams
of the day she’ll
kiss him.


Matt Dennison hails from Florida. His work can be found in numerous journals, but he really wants you to read the work he submitted to The Miscreant first.